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See what other people are saying about our Falcon Glen apartments! At Falcon Glen Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


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Move in
Lizbeth was very helpful on getting us in a apartment as soon as it was available! We were given all information and things we needed to have to move in! Even after move in she checked in to make sure everything went smoothly and mentioned things I forgot about. Thank you Lizbeth and falcon glen for all your help getting into our new home!


Heater wasn't working. I put in a maintenance request, they came out the same day. Took a while to find the problem, but they stayed until it was fixed! Had a nice warm night!





I moved here about 3 months ago and so far it has been fantastic. I picked this place over others based on the new management reviews. They have been great with zero issues. They are responsive, they communicate, they answer all questions or issues I have had (pretty much none). The location is nice for Mesa, right next to the police department. I have had zero issues with neighbors, everyone is pretty respectful. The apartments are actually quite "sound proof", not 100%, you may hear your neighbors blender or kids playing, or couple people coming home late at night occasionally, but it's an apartment complex, what do you expect. The maintenance crew is PHENOMENAL, they get it done in relative time (usually next day) and its a permanent fix. My water heater broke, they just put a whole new one in. A/C went out, came and solved the issue which would take a day to fix, but in the mean time they even gave a portable AC to cope. Really superb service as far as that goes, which you can actually submit maintenance requests at anytime via their payment portal website. I'm really writing this to say that the negative reviews I have seen, I have had absolutely no impression of any of that. Everyone has different experiences, but its not always the complex, sometimes its the tenants themselves. Zero bug issues, maintenance fantastic, fair pricing. A lot of reviews about extra fees - every single thing they charge you is in the contract you sign. The only way you get a fee is if you don't do what you agreed to and there is nothing outrageous that they charge. Now the payment portal does have the weirdest way of showing the billing - it will show like 2 or 3 items displaying all lumped together, just broken down in to reference codes that we don't know, but ultimately just showing what your paying for into categories Still a bad receipt layout. As far as the office staff, they have all been great for me. I moved from out of state to here and we worked with it all to make sure the move was as seamless and handled any paperwork or property preview concerns I had. They certainly raised the bar of what you would expect from an apartment complex.




My air conditioning was in need of a boost of freon and I made a simple request at the office. I allowed their maintenance crew to come into my home while I was at work and when I came home the AC was working fabulously!


I have no complaints or concerns. The staff have always treated me in a professional and friendly manner. I have had no problems with my townhouse since I have been here. I really like it here.

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