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See what other people are saying about our Falcon Glen apartments! At Falcon Glen Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.



I lived at Falcon Glen for 3 years .. In the beginning it wasn’t so great but new management came and he is really trying to make it better and it shows .. Moving out was easy and my deposit was returned in full but I really left the Apartment clean ...This is a real review ... not the office making up a positive review .. They are working on updating the apartments and I loved the town house with the French doors it’s nice not to have someone above or below you .. I think with all the improvements they are making it is a nice place to live !




Moved here last year from Texas for medical care and so my daughter who also live here can provide her assistance. The office staff was very accommodating and found unit with a walk in shower for my mother. No place will ever be able to be perfect but by far my experience have been pleasant. Yes police, ambulances and fire trucks may be in the complex often but 400 units it should be expected. People get sick and call ambulance so police also shows up which is standard procedure to ensure the safety of all persons involved in what ever the situation might be. My only pep pee is that in the past 2 weeks had to notify fire department twice for dumpster fire across from my building which make me uneasy but their response was quick on no damage to persons or property occurred. Since it was close and during 4 that of July week could had been fireworks but 2 Wednesdays in a row make me hypervigilant about my surroundings. My service request are taken care in a timely manner by office staff. Reading other reviews with complaints about personal property damage caused by ceiling/roof leaking that why we need to carry our own renters insurance if you opt out is on you. This week with the monsoon storm the complex suffered serious damage in certain units and I see them making repairs all over. Some branches of the trees in from of my unit were blocking the entrances to our units and several neighbors got together to clear our pass until landscapers can get to them. If for some reason you are not happy living here and think management is not meeting your expectations move there are multiple apartment communities to choose from but be aware you will be paying way more than here for a safe community. They have no hidden charges please read your contract and the fees disclosure document provided when you signed lease and remember the grass is not always greener elsewhere it's a matter of perception and choice


Very nice complex mike the manager is amazing everything done in a timely manner never been happier great place for kids too my son loves it here we are thankful


I have no complaints or concerns. The staff have always treated me in a professional and friendly manner. I have had no problems with my townhouse since I have been here. I really like it here.



I had several managers and they helped me really good they answered everytime I need to call them about something that was broken and the fixed it. They moved us in early from the move In date. The people you live by mind their own business and they keep to themselves which I love a lot.


This Apartment Complex has changed so much under the new management. They have really gone above and beyond anything I would have expected from any other complex. I felt like I was treated as an individual of importance rather than just another number. Beautiful Apartments. If some small or repair or on an occasional blue moon big repair is needed I have received help within the hour, on one occasion within 5 minutes! Thankfully they keep their places up well enough that requests like these are not needed almost ever. I have already referred this complex to my friends and I know I wont regret the referral and they wont regret moving in.

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